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Event Date

The event will be held on the 18th of April 2019

Event Time

Event will begin at 17:00. It will end at 20:00

Event Location

Event will be held at TBA.

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Event Speakers *TBA

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Actionable Insights From People Working in FinTech & Blockchain

We've curated a diverse list of panelists who are building the future of commerce, banking and financial services.

Panel #1

The Compliance Delima: How Can Digital Assets Integrate With The Existing Banking Systems

Panelists: TBA

With all the new advancements and opportunities that digital assets bring, they also present many problems when it comes to compliance. We have assembled a diverse group of professionals who have first hand experience dealing with these issues who will discuss what is being done to solve these problems and what the regulatory landscape looks like in the future.

Panel #2

Hurry Up and Wait: Building The Roads To Adoption

Panelists: TBA

Many entrepreneurs in FinTech and Blockchain who are interested in integrating digital asset trading and payments into their apps and business models have been a race to be among the first, while also not being able to actually release all the features possible because of regulatory uncertainty. We discuss some of these struggles and realities from the entrepreneurs perspective.

Panel #3

Go Big or Go Home: Scaling + Growth (and The Pain That Come With It)

Panelists: TBA

Rapid growth and scaling operations is the name of the game, but is that growth sustainable, and what is the cost that comes with it? In this panel we will look into many of the challenges organizations face large and small when it comes to scaling up operations and the impact it can have on the culture of the company. Learn how to do it successfully without missing a step.

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Shaping A Better Economic Future

We Believe Open Technologies & Systems Can Change The World

While many in the world of "crypto" think the banking and finance establishments are going the way of the dinosaur, we see these emerging innovations as the next steps in the evolution of money and how people use it. Our events aim to bring these two very different worlds together.

Meet The Leaders

Meet, network and build relationships with some of the top leaders in Blockchain and FinTech.

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Learn about the key issues and problems these industries face and what people are doing to solve them.

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Become part of the community that is building the future of banking and finance.